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The Final of the 14th CUFE-Business ReviewCase StudyCompetition and Awards Ceremony Held Successfully
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On June 1, 2019, the 14th Central University of Finance andEconomics (CUFE)-Business ReviewCase Study Competition, sponsored bythe CUFE MBA Education Center andBusiness Reviewand organized by the academicdepartment of CUFE MBA Federation, reached its finals at the Lecture Theater A28of the CUFE MBA Education Center.




Hostess:Yang Peipei from MBAP5, Class 2018, CUFE


Inthe final, themed on a case known asWhy Does Nobody Sell Highly ProfitableProducts, each team gave full play to its well-elaborated preparations anddemonstrated its potential throughout phases including case study, PPTpresentation, and free defense.


Q&Asession and defenses


Champion group — Veil ofTender


First runner-up — Tuner


Second runner-up — ShinySun


Winners of the BestBusiness Potential Award, the Best Team Award, the Best Creativity Award, andthe Award for Excellent Performance


Winners of the Best ContestantAward: Zhang Juyuan, Zhang Ping, and Zhao Yingfan


The judges acknowledged the participants’outstanding performance, and then emphasized on five things that needed moreattention in case study. First, the cases should highlight core issues; second,group coordination must be enhanced; third, modal particles should be correctlyused; fourth, new ideas and eye-catching items should be generated in the case;fifth, more consideration should be given to the practicality of the proposals.Finally, the judges encouraged all participants to learn from alike competitions,obtain more brilliant results, and add to the glamor of CUFE.




By this point, the final of the 14th 2018 CUFE-Business ReviewCase Study Competition concluded successfully.




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