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The Event “AI-Driven Organizational and Human Resource Change Seminar” and the China Human Resources Development conference co-hosted by CUFE Business School was a successThe Event “AI-Driven Organizational and Human Resource Change Seminar” and the China
Date :2021-12-15


 12 December 2021,the online event “AI-Driven Organizational and Human Resource Change Seminar”and theChina Human Resources Developmentconferenceco-hosted by CUFE Business School was successfully held.


The event was hosted by the journalChina Human Resources Development,and co-hosted by CUFE Business School, SHU-UTS SILC Business School, and Business School of Nanjing University. The event was co-organized by the Intelligent Branch of China Human Resources Research Association. The aim of the event was to promote cross-research of AI technology and human resource management, and promote the exchange and innovation of enterprise practice and academic research. Over 300 participants were invited and attended, including guest speakers, guest editors and authors of the special issue of AI, subscribers of China Human Resources Development journal, members of China Human Resources Development and Research Association, and specially invited guests.




The event was hosted by Professor Wang Zhen fromCUFE Business School. Professor Lin Song, Dean of CUFE Business School, delivered a speech on behalf of the School. Dean Lin briefly introduced the School and the Department of Human Resource Management, and pointed out that in recent years, the rise of AI and big data had brought far-reaching impact on business practice, teaching, academic research and talent education. CUFE Business School had been determined to change, constantly embraced new theories and new technologies, and achieved a series of results. Dean Lin called for more organic integration of new ideas and new technologies with business education.


The event included two sessions, the practice report session and the academic report session. In the practice report session, Dr. Liu Hui, President of the China institute of human resources development intelligent branch, and Dr. Zhu Hengshu, the laboratory director of Baidu talent think-tank (TIC) and human resources information and intelligent deputy general manager, delivered speeches on “the intelligence direction of the China human resources management” and “talent management calculation: from HR big data to HR big think-tank”, respectively. In the academic report session, Dr. Gu Chunjie from Yunnan University, Professor Li Yanping from Wuhan University, Professor Li Yuhui from Renmin University of China, Associate Professor Chen Wenjing from Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications, and Professor He Qin from Capital University of Economics and Trade made their academic reports respectively.


The event lasted for 4 hours. 7 experts presented the cutting-edge theory and practice of combining AI and human resource management, providing inspirations for teaching and academic research in human resource management fields. The event was one of the measures of CUFE Business School to carry the interdisciplinary and new business development, which would help to the teaching, academic research and community services of the School.




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