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Goals planning for your university life
Date :2021-12-21


 24 November 2021, Professor Zhang Shujun from Department of Strategy, CUFE Business School, gave a lecture on how to set goals and plan for their university life. Ms. Wang Tingting, director of the student affairs office, hosted the lecture. Ms. Wang Huiting, the first year undergraduate student tutor, was attended.




Professor Zhang had been serving for high education for more than 30 years. She shared with the students the reasons for choosing her profession and cared about the students’ current studying, life and psychological health. By comparing passive planning in high school with active planning in university, Professor Zhang pointed out the importance and necessity of life, career and learning goals planning for the students in their university life.




Based on her teaching experience, Professor Zhang pointed out that every industry had certain requirements for the participants’ qualities and abilities. She also gave suggestions on the development of learning goals based on the current situation of the students, reminding the students that they had to think carefully about the choice of their career direction and start to make specific plans as early as possible.




Professor Zhang introduced management theories into university life management. Concept skills, interpersonal skills, technical skills and political skills are the 4 skills that a manager should know. Professor Zhang showed the students the role of management in their career planning, encouraged the students to improve academic performance and plan their university life. Professor Zhang used the principles of management to plan the effective use of time, hoping that the students would live a happy and fulfilling university life.






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