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Japan Shoko Chukin Bank Recruitment information
Date :2015-04-30Click :

Time: 10:00am, April 17th , please arrive 15minutes earlier

Place: Computer lab of MBA Education Center

Recruitment Introduction, Interaction, Interview

PS: Work in Japan and branches will be set in China.


Establishment and Transition Toward Privatization

An all-around financial institution supporting business activities of SMEs

Shoko Chukin Bank  was established in October 8th ,1936, jointly funded by the Japanese Government and small, medium-sized enterprises (SMEs)

Shoko Chukin Bank is an all-around financial institution supporting business activities of SMEs,  including providing business such as capital investment ,long-term working capital, short-term working capital including typically by bills discounted,deposit, remittance, international business and business consulting services

104 locations in total that cover Japanese realm will provide the SMEs with long-term and stable capital in every district

Capital reserve and insurance system have been created to ensure financial basis which is necessary for smooth implementation of crisis response measure

Shoko Chukin Bank is popularizing the new financing methods with the identification of judgment to support the development of the SMEs.

Transition toward privatization commenced on October 1st, 2008

Offices: Domestic: 100  Overseas: 4  104 locations in total that cover Japanese realm

Shareholders: 26372  The shareholders of Shoko Chukin Bank are restricted to the SMEs, which consist of more than 3 million of companies.

Loans: 9488.4 billion We have transactions with over 70000 SMEs.

Number of Employees: 3973

Outline of Business

Lending Operation

We are providing various kinds of loans to small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in need of fund to finance their business, from capital investment and long-term working capital, to short-term working capital including typically by bills discounted. We are also engaged in development and provision of innovative technique for raising finance, to cater for the diversifying needs of SMEs,including private placement bonds, loan syndication, asset-based lending (ABL) and liquidation of accounts receivable.

Deposit Affairs

      We are handling current deposits, saving account, deposits at notice, time deposits, specified deposits, deposits for tax payment, non-resident yen deposits and foreign currency deposits.

Bond Issuance

          We are issuing bank debentures called Shoko-sai, with the purpose to provide finance to SMEs on a constant basis.

Treasury and Investment

      We are actively engaged in market operations in the financial markets both at home and abroad, to streamline our own financing and investment activities.

International Business 

As an all-round financial institution supporting business activities of SMEs, we are actively engaged in every aspect of overseas transactions including support for clients’ overseas business expansion and loans to clients’ local subsidiaries overseas, let alone overseas remittance, and business concerning export and import.


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