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The 4th Session of Beijing College Students Logistics Design Competition, 2015
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Beijing College Students  Logistics Design Competition is held by the Beijing Municipal Commission of Education and hosted by Beijing Technology and Business University. Adhering to the principle of  the Government Sponsoring,  experts leading, college students participating and people interacting, this competition aims to promote the  reform in Logistics teaching and enhance the connection between the industry and education.  Moreover, the Game benefits the participating students in many ways, such as strengthening  their cooperation consciousness and innovation thoughts.  And their scientific views will be widened, their capacity of systemic designing, planning, coordinating and exercising.

Based on the success of the three sessions, The 4th  Session  of Beijing College Students  Logistics Design Competition is officially launched.  Please team up and sign up before September 22nd if you are willing to join in.  The preliminary contest is temporarily scheduled on September 23rd , please prepare carefully. You will see the sample questions and manuals in the attachment.

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