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Shubo Liu
Date :2015-11-24

Shubo Liu


PhD, Associate Professor







2010.09-2014.06 PhD in Management, Edinburgh University, UK


2006.09-2008.01 MA in Organization Studies, Warwick Business School, UK


2001.09-2006.09 Northeast Normal University (China)/Wolverhampton University (UK), BA in Sociology.



Research Interests          


Corporate Strategy/Business Ethics/CSR/Green Innovation/Corporate Internationalization/Discourse Analysis/Case Research Method



Teaching Areas          


Business Ethics/Corporate Strategic Management/Organization Studies





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2.      Tsai, Terence and Shubo Phillip Liu (2014). Mamma Mia! Made in China—Challenges in Developing the Musical Industry. Asian Case Research Journal, forthcoming. (corresponding author, SSCI journal)



3.      Liu, Shubo., Tsai, T. and Young, M. (2014). Overcoming the Barriers in Green Innovation Development. Paper under review at Journal of Business Ethics. (FT 45/SSCI journal)



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8.      Jui-fen Rachel Lu, Tsai, Terence and Shubo Phillip Liu (2011) A Hospital Alliance: Taiwan Landseed Medical Alliance, Asian Case Research Journal. 15 (1): 123-148; (corresponding author)



9.      Tsai, Terence, Michael N. Young, Bor-Shiuan Cheng and Shubo Philip Liu. 2010. Sinyi Real Estate in China: The Challenges of Maintaining an Ethical Business Culture. Asian Case Research Journal. 4 (2): 1–27. (corresponding author)



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Green Marketing. 2013. Tsai, T and Liu, S. Fudan University Press. (in Chinese)


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