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Huang Xinlei:New Arrival Days in Europe
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Pfeilring, a manufacturer mainly produces manicure and grooming instruments, is located in Solingen, “the city of blade”, in western Germany. It is founded in 1896, according to the company, a still young brand with history. This is one of the clients of InterGest CZ Ltd. I am in the sales department. My main responsibility on the one hand is to assist the department leaders and colleagues to handle transactions about customer relationship, marketing analysis, marketing program implementations, on the other hand is to provide the Chinese market consulting service as the role of a consultant.

Denis, my department colleague, guided me to visit various departments of the company, including the workshops. Although each of products are as fine as art. Although the prices of the tiny scissors or tweezers could be tens of euros, the company behind the brand is very earthy even a little old school. It has dark red wall and brown wooden gates with few decorations. Good quality is the most preferential pursuit. In Germany, many companies with great achievements are family business. Pfeilring is one of them. Colleagues greet each other like family members but behave meticulously in their duties. Preciseness and seriousness are highly executed by everyone where craftsmanship is highly respected.

Although the building has a hundred years of history, the production technology is constantly upgrading, from labor to automation. Many older workers in the workshop has been working for decades. They are the successors of craftsmanship and the pushers of technological progress. There is a Chinese business delegation visited the company, which is consist of local knife and scissors manufacturing enterprises and organized by Guangdong Yangjiang municipal government in September 19. I took part in this short visit of an hour. The CEO introduced the company's history and main products in the conference room, and then guided us around the factory workshops. A visiting entrepreneur told me that there is still a big gap between China and Germany in technology, but China's progress is very fast. And the government attached great importance. Many companies in Yangjiang were mainly doing the OEM before, but now we are trying to build their own brands.

Food and travel should never be lived up to. There are very convenient transportations among EU countries. Over the past four weekends, I visited Cologne, Düsseldorf, Brussels, Amsterdam, The Hague, Rotterdam and Paris. Europe is not as bustling as I thought in the reality. Subways in Beijing is much more modern and advanced than most of those in Paris. Luxurious style skyscrapers are not that common. However, when I was surrounded by flowers in the corner of an old street, surprised by carefully carved eaves or amazed by skilled street artists, I could always feel the touchable delicacy of reality. We all have our own identification of splendidness and every mortal can pursue unique happiness.

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