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Xiang Gu:The Exchange Life in THU
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Tunghai University is a comprehensive university with the Protestant Christianity background in Taiwan. And it is the first private university and the top of all the private universities now in Taiwan.[] It has a good reputation as the most scenic university in Taiwan.

On the 15th September, I came to the THU that I have expected for a long time. My parents and my friends all sent their best wishes to me. From that day, I started making effort to adapt to the life here. At the beginning of the semester, the school arranged the physical examination and orientation meeting. And then the rest of the day can be used to go around in the campus.

I was going around in Tunghai’s campus, curious about how beautiful the most scenic campus in Taiwan it is.

The first place I came to is the The Luce Chapel that is famous in Asia even in the world. It is the artwork of famous architects named Yuming Bei and Qikuan Chen. The first impression it gives me is that it has become an integral part of the Tunghai University. In the lawn around the church there are many students chatting and listening music leisurely.

The Luce Chapel

Beside it there are many wishing cards dressed up by a line. The church is not only a world-famous architecture but also the necessary road onto the classrooms. The night scene of the church is also very fascinating. When the night was falling, sitting at the lawn around the church, you will find a sense of tranquility no matter how sick you feel.

The wishing cards

Beside the Luce Chapel, Campus Mall and the dairy small stack are famous scenic spots in THU. The trees along the avenue are very flourishing. So when you walk around the avenue, the sun is absolutely blocked. Dairy small stack is a special place in the campus. It sells the dairy products which are all produced by the department of animal science in THU. The products are milk, ice cream and yogurt. They are all out of cows. The taste is very good. When I finish my course assignments, I always go there to buy a cup of milk.

The Campus Mall

The Dairy Small stack

There are some special places in THU. The dormitory of the campus has the style of the Tang dynasty. The scenery of the campus which matches the archaic dormitories give people an illusion of traversing the space.

The Male Dormitory[]

I have gone to the Academic affairs office. I found that the style of the offices is very unique. In addition, there are post offices and telephone booths which you can hardly ever see in our campus. And you can see a lot of locomotives on the road. At the first time I see the locomotive, I feel extremely curious about it.

The telephone booth

The postbox

After walking along the Campus Mall and going through the Academy of Social Sciences and the woods, you will arrive at the THU night market, there are many snack bars, tea shops and department stores. The basic daily necessities are all furnished in the night market. I have gone there for a few times, the snacks and the tea all taste very good.

The taro

When everything is arranged properly, I started taking classes. Accustomed to the 5 minutes from the classroom to the canteen, I was not used to taking the bus to classroom at the beginning. I have to calculate the bus time, wait at the bus stop in advance and then go through nearly half of the THU campus every day.

The bus line map

On the first week, I was left deep impression in three aspects. I also have a few gains. I believe that I can have deeper insight through long-time learning. Firstly, some professors there divide students into groups to discuss the cases. The professors are sitting in the middle of the classroom, surrounded by many students. The classes are filled with interactions and discussions. Secondly, the classes there mainly use English original books. Therefore, reviewing the contents of next class is important. Thirdly, I have an understanding of some enterprises and the business environment of Taiwan. The knowledge I have ever learned can also be used in solving the problems of the Taiwan enterprises.

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