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CUFE-BS Academic Seminar: Small Lending Big: StrategicDual-channel Pricing Games in Online Supply Chain Finance
Date :2019-05-14Click :

Time:2019.05.15, 13:00-14:00 PM


Location:Room 615, Main Building  


KeynoteSpeaker:Liu Yang,PhD Candidate, CUFE-BS  


Abstract:Small andmedium-sized enterprises (SMEs) often face obstacles in obtaining sufficientcapital for their production and operations processes. Armed with their channeladvantages and big data resources concerning suppliers’ sales, inventory, andcredits, e-commerce platforms (henceforth, e-retailers) can offer onlinedistribution channels and online finance service for SMEs to enrich theirdistribution and financing channels. This study explores the dual-channelstructure and pricing strategy in e-retailer finance. We examine theequilibrium price and the associated optimal quantity and profits in dualchannels when supplier may face capital constraints and compete with e-retailerhorizontally or vertically. We find that providing e-retailer finance tocapital-constrained supplier is a value-added service for e-retailer and thatthe increased profits generated from e-retailer finance offering can offset thelowered revenue in online distribution channels. E-retailer finance canincrease market share, which also benefits the supplier. Participating invertical competition through announcing pricing decisions earlier than thesupplier can help the e-retailer seize the first-mover advantage. Further, weexamine the impact of various financing, operational, and consumer-relatedfactors on pricing and channel structure. This study presents the win-winsituation brought by e-retailer finance to supply chain participants. It alsoprovides guidelines for e-retailers and financing-constrained suppliers toutilize e-retailer finance to optimize their dual-channel structure and to makeoptimal pricing decisions.




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