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CUFE-BS Academic Seminar:Sustainable Developmentin Sharing Economy: Based on Ethical and Cultural Perspectives
Date :2019-05-16Click :

Time:2019.05.24,15:30-17:00 PM


Location:Room 615, Main Building


KeynoteSpeaker:Dr. Yin Yulin, AssociateProfessor, Business School, Sun Yat-Sen University


Abstract:This study investigates the antecedentsand mechanisms of consumer adoption of a public bicycle-sharing scheme (PBSS)as a form of shared sustainable consumption. Drawing on marketing ethics andsustain- ability literature, it argues that cultural and consumption valuesdrive or deter the adoption of PBSS through the mediating mechanism of ethicalevaluation. This study tests its hypotheses using a sample of 755 consumersfrom one of the largest PBSS programs in China. The results confirm thesignificance of collectivism, man–nature orientation, materialism, and face-consciousness as keydeterminants of the adoption of PBSS. Interestingly, these values play mixedroles in influencing PBSS adoption. It also finds that such values and beliefsneed to be effectively translated into ethical evaluations of PBSS adoption, andneed to be addressed in the specific social context. Thus, ethical evaluationconstitutes a cognitive strategy that allows consumers to justify and defendtheir adoption of sustainability practices. The results suggest that adesirable sustainability program needs to not only cater to the cultural andpsychological motivations of consumers, but also reflect the social norms andsocial context in which the sustainability practices and consumers are embedded.




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