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CUFE-BS Academic Seminar: How do Equity InvestmentInstitutions Look over Companies?
Date :2019-05-27Click :


Time:2019.06.1, 9:30-11:30AM


Location:Room 106, Main Building


KeynoteSpeaker:Mr.Cui Xiaogang,General Manager of Junxing Zijing Equity InvestmentManagement Co., Ltd.


Bio:Mr.Xiaogang Cui has rich experience in PE andVC industry. He has been responsible for projects of exiting IPO or M&A,which has created a good return on investment.


Abstract:Inorder to meet the requirements of China's economic transformation, the centralgovernment proposes to accelerate the reform of the financial supply side. Equityinvestment will play an increasingly important role in the future Chineseeconomy. Therefore, for everyone, regardless of whether we are in an investmentinstitution or a company that needs financing, it is important to understandequity investment. This lecture will explain equity investment from theperspective of investment institutions. Through this lecture, you may get thefollowing benefits:


1.Understand the general operation of equity investment institutions.


2.Understand how equity investment institutions evaluate companies and howcompanies win the favor of equity investment institutions.


3.Understand what knowledge reserves and basic capabilities should be possessed byan employee in an investment institution.




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