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CUFE-BS Academic Seminar: Publication of Classic Literature and Papers on Entrepreneurship
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CUFE-BS Academic Seminar:Publication ofClassicLiterature andPapers onEntrepreneurship

Time:21-22December 2019

Location:CUFE Academic Hall

Speaker: ProfessorSteve Si, Professor Lin Song


The pastyears have always been a hot topic, as a particularly important economic activity, the practice is important, but there is no theory practice that the road is not long and unstable. Without theory, the practice of theoretical contact is also an empty word, and the basic principle of entrepreneurship has proved to be the key to guiding the understanding and grasping the entrepreneurial activity along the development law. The rich business practice of China provides the basis for the development of the research paper of the SSCI. However, because of the lack of understanding of the theory, the young teachers/ doctor's postgraduates tend to write poorly on the theoretical development part, leading to the rejection of the paper. How to strengthen the theoretical part of the research paper, and combine many cases, experience, and data and so on in our country's previous decades of business practice to form an SCSCI or more CSSCI research paper? One of the key elements is to understand and master the classical literature, the leading theory and the important research problems. In view of the above, the Business School of the Central University of Finance and Economics has continued to hold a seminar on the classic literature, frontier theory, research and entrepreneurship research papers in 2019.

The seminar will mainly focus on the teachers and doctoral students who are interested in conducting academic research in the field of entrepreneurship and innovation. In particular,ProfessorSteve Si, a professor at the University of Zhejiang University, is devoted to the teaching of the classic literature on entrepreneurship, the leading theory, the important research issues and the publication of the paper. In addition to the above, a half-day of this seminar, a 15-minute presentation is first made by some of the participants, and then Professor LinSongwill review and make specific comments on the paper or project.

Professor Steve Si,Director of theEntrepreneur Research Center,Zhejiang University, Professor of Zeigler Business School, Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania. A large number of research papers have been published in the journal of English business such as JBV and the journal of the management of the world. Recently, he has served as the editor-in-chief of SSCI journals such as JETM, SEJ, JBV, ERD, APJM and IJCM.

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