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CUFE-BS Academic Seminar: Product Accessibility and Consumption Variety
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CUFE-BS Academic Seminar: Product Accessibility and Consumption Variety

Time:20November 2019,9:00-12:00AM

Location: Room 615, CUFE Business School

Speaker:Dr. Su Peiya, PKU


Streaming media platforms, shared cars, and the like provide middle-service providers in the bilateral market, often trying to gain the dominant position on the other side of the market by signing an exclusive contract on one side of the market, and the effectiveness of this strategy is short of empirical considerations, especially in the new technology, Such as a recommendation system or the like. In addition, on the stream media platform, there are a large number of available products, large-scale extraction of product information and classification is a very complicated work, so the past research on consumption selection is often limited to the consumption brand quantity, the consumption product quantity and so on. In this paper, by using the detailed listening history data of the consumer on the music stream media platform, the feature description of the song is constructed from the historical data of more than a million pieces of audio song by referring to the method of Word2Vec in natural language processing, and on this basis, The consumer's choice of consumption in the face of a product-and-line change and a recommended system is measured. We have found that the more the number of products provided by the platform, the greater the richness, it does not affect the consumer's total amount of consumption (the number of auditions), but the consumption of the head product is reduced. Further, in the music stream media market, when the optional product is increased, the consumption diversity of the individual increases in the short term, but is restored to the original level for a long time. At the same time, the change of the consumption diversity in the region is basically the same in different regions, but the change of the consumption diversity in different regions is heterogeneous.

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