2015 CUFE International Summer School Curriculum
Date :2015-10-10


Visual Thinking and Consumer Insight (Professor Simon Bolton)    


Lecture time7.137.17 and 7.207.23, 1:305:30 pm





Global Marketing and Communication Strategy (Dr. Lois Bitner Olson)    


Lecture time7.137.17 and 7.207.23, 8:0012:00 am  





Luxury Industry Analysis Management (Professor Alain Cognard)    


Lecture time7.137.14 (8:3011:30 am, 2:005:00 pm), 7.157.17 and 7.207.24, 8:3011:30 am





Globalization and New Opportunities within Corporate Sustainability Development (Dr. Heather C. Webb)    


Lecture time7.167.18 and 7.207.24, 1:305:30 pm  





International Market Research and Innovation (GfK Verein)    


Lecture time7.13, 2:003:30 ; 7.147.17 and 7.207.24, 9:0012:15 am, 1:453:15 pm  


LocationRoom A02, MBA Education Centre  

International Market Research and Innovation




Faculty Overview    


Professor Simon Bolton    

Associate Dean (Research and Enterprise), Birmingham Institute of Arts and Design, Birmingham City University, Birmingham, UK

Professor Alain Cognard    

ESCP-Europe Business School (Ecole supérieure de commerce de Paris - Europe), Paris, France    

Dr. Lois Bitner Olson    

Marketing Department, School of Business Administration, San Diego State University    

Dr. Heather C. Webb    

Business Faculty, Higher Colleges of Technology – Dubai    

Prof. Dr. Raimund Wildner    

Managing Director and Vice President, GfK Verein    

Mr. Peter Goldman    

VP, Global Key Accounts – Home, Consumer Choices, GfK    

Ms. Phyllis Macfarlane    

Global Training Director CE, GfK    

Dr. Fabian Buder    

Project Manager, University Cooperation, GfK Verein    

Dr. Andreas Neus    

Head of University Cooperation, GfK Verein





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