TheAdmission Guide of 2016 Summer School of Business School
Date :2019-06-14

Since the year of 2012, the SummerSchool in the Business School has been successfully held for 4 times under thesupport of the Personnel Department, the Academic Affairs Office, theInternational Cooperation Office, and the Logistics Service Group.


We have invited preeminent professorsfrom well-known universities overseas to impart the most frontier andup-to-date insight to our students. Students may be able to have accessto such top-notch professors in flesh without going abroad, and discusswith them the knowledge of international business.

In 2016, the Summer School tendto set up a total of five courses, starting fromJuly 11, 2016toJuly 22, 2016. The morningsession is from8:30 am. (UTC+8)to11:30 am. (UTC+8)and the afternoon session is from2:00 pm. (UTC+8)to5:00 (UTC+8).


Students from all Schools can applyfor the programme, however, applicants may be selected before enrollment.Credits and certificate may be given after students finish all relevant coursesand pass exams required.


1.Course Profile


1.1 International Market Research and Innovation


Course Description:

This course is co-supported by Gfk Verein and invites expertseither from business practice and from academia. The course is on the subjectof market research and teaches qualitative and quantitative researchmethods along with the ways of designing market research, collecting data andutilizing analytical tools. Via lectures and case discussions, participants areable to have abundant access to the most up-to-date theories and hands-onexperiences. Certificates will be provided by both CUFE and GfK after thecourse ends and all relevant criteria met. Additionally, GfK would like toprovide the top students in class with the opportunity of having an internshipin its Chinese branch.


Lecturer:Prof. Dr.Raimund Wildner

Managing Director and Vice President, GfK Verein


Mr. PeterGoldman

VP, Global Key Accounts – Home, Consumer Choices, GfK


Ms.Phyllis Macfarlane

Global Training Director CE, GfK


Dr.Fabian Buder

Project Manager, University Cooperation, GfK Verein


Dr.Andreas Neus

Head of University Cooperation, GfK Verein


Prof. Dr.Nicole Koschate-Fischer

Marketing Intelligence Chair,Nuremberg University


Dr. MarekJiruse

Marketing Sciences Specialist,GfK


Intended Students:3rd YearStudents (Juniors)


1.2 Luxury Industry Analysis Management


Course Description:

This course has a strong focus in the industry ofluxuries. It introduces the origin, development, the status quo and the traitof various luxury brands, as well as the involute relationship between them. Itmay also introduce with deep industrial insight the procedure on luxury brandmanaging and the future development. A field-trip to local luxury stores isrequired, which may provide hands-on opportunity for participants to understandthe status quo of the local luxury industry better.


Lecturer:Alain Cognard

Professor of Management, ESCP Europe-CANM

Credits:36hrs; 2 credits

Intended Students:2nd Year Students(Sophomore)


1.3VisualLiteracy for Management


Course Description

The objective of the course is to increasethe visual literacy of learners in themanagement context. Visual literacy can be defined as the ability tocritically andcompetentlyevaluate, apply and create visual representations for diverse applicationcontexts.


This courseaimsat enhancing learners’cognitive and communicative skillsthrough the use of conceptual visualization for internal and externalcommunicationinorganizations.


After this course students should be able touse, select and create appropriate visual representations for specificcommunicative and collaborative tasks in organizations such as presenting,generating ideas, decision making and planning. They should be able to evaluatethe advantages and disadvantages of visual representations, toimprove their shortcomings and devise newways of representing management-related insights.


The coursewillgive learners a comprehensive overview of the main forms of corporateand managerial visualization, including quantitative charts, conceptualdiagrams, sketches, visual metaphors, interactive/online visual representationsand infographics. Through the course learners should acquire a solidunderstanding of the theories related to visualization, know currentapplicationsinmanagement andexplore emergingtrends.



ProjectManager and Research Associate,University of St.Gallen

Credits:36hrs; 2 credits

Intended Students:2nd Year Students (Sophomore)


1.4VisualThinking and CustomerInsight


Course Description:


Visual thinking focuses on the method ofinvestigation, which intends to teach participants how to search for effectiveinformation from numerous interviewees. It also focuses on the collecting,arranging and careful analysis of data information, which helps cultivate participants’ability to observe and their sensitivity towards information.



Customer insight tend to observe andunderstand consumers’ demand from their behavior, motivation and trend. It alsorequires participants to have hands-on experiences in order to have a betterunderstanding of consumers’ sentiment and needs, so as to give constructiveopinions on the innovation and improvement of different products.


Lecturer:Prof. Dr. Simon Bolton

Associate Dean (Research and Enterprise), Birmingham Institute ofArt and Design, Birmingham City University

Credits:48hrs;2credits (including a 12 hrs’ field trip)

Intended Students:1st Year students(Freshman)


1.5Global Marketing and Communication Strategy


Course Description:

Global Business Strategy examines thediverse advantages and complications of multinational organization withemphasis on translating marketing, financing, and operating plans in light ofgeographical, cultural, and legal differences across the globe. It will alsocover strategy considerations for trans-global management.


Course Objectives:

Itis the goal of this course to give students a fundamental understanding of theenvironment in which international business operates and of the businesspractices required to compete successfully in global markets with distinctcultural differences.


Lecturer:Dr. Lois Bitner Olson

Lecturer, Marketing Department, School of Business Administration,

San Diego State University


Intended Students:1st Year Students (Freshman)



Allstudents are welcome to apply, while applicants have to first fill in the chartof the 2016 Summer School Project in Business Application Form.


Thepaper version of the form shall be collected by class monitors in charge, and behanded in to the Office of Students’ Affair no later than Monday, 23 May. Thee-version of the chart shall also be collect and sent to the required mailbox.


E-mail address:

Due date:6:30 p.m (UTC +8)., Sunday, 22May, 2016

Contact address:Room 304, LilacGarden Building No.1, CUFE Shahe Campus



Allcredits received from the Summer School can be recorded and calculated in theacademic management system. However, students should bare in mind that it is upto each School and Major to decide independently and then officially approvedwhether the credit can be used as a substitute for other required credits.



Scheduleof 2016 Summer School of Business School

Visual Thinking and Consumer Insight(Simon)(Including 12 Hrs field-trip)

Time:7.11—7.15、7.18—7.21 1:30pm—5:30pm

Classroom: MBACenterA20



Global Marketing and Communication Strategy(Lois)





Luxury Industry Analysis Management(Alain)课程表


Classroom:Media hall,MBA Center



Visual Literacy forManagement(Sebastian Kernbach)


Classroom: Media Hall, MBA Center



International Market Research and Innovation (GfK)

Time:7.11—7.15 7.18—7.22,9:00am—12:15am and1:45pm—3:15pm

Classroom: Computer Room, MBA Center





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