Date :2015-09-28



Business school offers Ph.D. programs of business management and management of multinational company in 3 majors, namely enterprise management, technological economy and management, and management of multinational company.  


1. There are 4 research fields of enterprise management, including strategic marketing and management of enterprises, multinational operation and management, strategy and change management, organization and human resource management.  


Major courses


Theoretical Research of Management Science, Advanced Microeconomics, Advanced Econometrics, Multinational Corporation Theory, Research on Advanced Issues of Strategic Management, Organization and Human Resource Management, Marketing Risk Management, Transnational management strategy of Enterprise, series lectures on Research Methods in Management.  


2. There are 3 research fields of Technological economic management, including venture capital investment, corporate finance, and risk management.  


Major courses


Advanced microeconomics, advanced econometrics, research on advanced issues of economics and management, theoretical research of management science, corporate finance, enterprise risk management and enterprise value, series of lectures concerning research methods in management.  


3. There are 3 research fields of management of Multinational Corporation, including Multinational Corporation and international direct investment, foreign-related economic management, WTO rules and multinational operation.  


Major courses:  


International Economics, Advanced Microeconomics, Advanced Econometrics, Research on the Theory of Multinational Corporations, Theoretical Operation Policy of Foreign Economy and Trade in China, Research of WTO Regulation, Strategic Research of Multinational Corporations, Management and Administration of Multinational Corporations, Research on the International Development of Professional Managers, series Lectures on the Methods of Management Research.  


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