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There are 4 majors for undergraduate, including business administration, marketing, human resource management and logistics management.


1.Major Courses for business management major students:


Service Management, Brand Management, Human Resource Management, Strategic Management of Enterprise, Operations Management, International Business Management, Entrepreneurship, etc.


Teaching objectives:


To cultivate professional talents of business administration, who are of innovation and entrepreneurship and capable of doing management works in domestic enterprises and institutions, government agencies, multinational corporate and different kinds of international organizations. They possess solid professional foundation for further education, the ability to pose, analyze and solve problems, great moral conduct and humanistic aptitude as well as good health.


2.Major Courses for Marketing Major Students:


Consumer Behavior, Market Survey and Research, Service Marketing, Marketing Risk ManagementStrategy of Multinational Operation, International Marketing, Channels Management, Customer Relationship Management, Brand Asset Management, etc.


Teaching Objectives:


To cultivate talents in marketing who possess modern marketing awareness and international operation concepts. They master professional domestic and international marketing knowledge and practical skills. Besides, they know well about the qualitative and quantitative methods for analyzing and solving practical marketing and general management issues and can work for marketing and management in domestic enterprises, multinational corporate, public institutions and government agencies.


3.Major Courses for Human Resource Management Major Students:


Occupation Analysis, Recruitment and Selection, Performance Management, Talent AssessmentSalary Management, Employee Relationship Management, Managerial Communication, Human Resource Development, etc.


Teaching Objectives:


Students are expected to become human resource management talents, who acquire the domestic and foreign professional knowledge, business skills and capability of analyzing and solving practical issues of human resource with qualitative and quantitative approaches. They are equipped with global horizon and advanced awareness of modern human resource management as well as the basic theory in the aspects of management, economics, psychology, law and business management.


4.Major courses for Logistics Management:


Operations research, logistics learns, international logistics management, supply chain management, logistics system analysis, logistics information technology, and purchasing management etc.


Teaching Objectives:


Students are expected to become the interdisciplinary talents, who acquire the logistic management theory, practical skills and capability of analyzing logistic system and the management of the logistic business operation and supply chain. They are equipped with global horizon, solid foundation of foreign language, math, and computer as well as the basic knowledge in the aspects of economics, management, system science and relevant subjects.


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